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Schipfe 16 - Meeting place of the Zurich Philanthropy Roundtable
The Restaurant Schipfe 16 is an enterprise managed by the EAM Gastro of the Social Department of the City of Zurich.
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A selection of links to interesting articles on Philanthropy (German and English)

San Patrignano
San Patrignano is an extraordinary organisation in the Emilia Romagna, healing, helping, educating and re-integrating drug addicts. But not only that - they also produce a number of excellent wines.
The wines of San Patrignano (in Zurich available through Baur au Lac Vins)

We feed the World
Documentary film by Erwin Wagenhofer

Coca - The Dove from Chechnya - documentary film by Eric Bergkraut, 2005

Jumi GmbH, Gysenstein - cheese makers from Bern
www.jumi-gmbh.ch; picture of the cheese buffet at the 19th Zurich Philanthropy Roundtable