The goal of the Philanthropy Roundtable is to bring together a limited number of selected representatives from the charity sector for the exchange of ideas and for networking in a neutral, relaxed atmosphere. Current subjects on the issue of philanthropy are being discussed, relationships are being established and synergies may be capitalized, needs determined and the philanthropie in general furthered.

Roundtable participants are personally dedicated and motivated people, actively engaged in the world of philanthropy, be it in the NPO-/NGO-Sector, in the financial industry, grantors, donors, founders, foundation board members and trustees, entrepreneurs, consultants for charitable institutions, politicians, employees of regulatory bodies and of authorities.

Today, we have Philanthropy Roundtables in Geneva and Zurich. It is our goal to encourage philanthropists to establish further roundtables based on our idea in Switzerland and in other countries. Fundraising activities as well as the active promotion of participants' own services at the events are not welcome.